Last Week I Cooked…

Last Week I Cooked... - Vegetal MattersLast Week I Cooked... - Vegetal Matters

Spaghetti-stuffed roasted peppers. This was the least favorite meal of the week, but it was a good thing to work up from. There were a bunch of peppers to be used and all the other ingredients were on hand so it happened. I made a few modifications….I cooked the peppers as in this recipe because it was way easier, and used orzo because I had half a box in the cabinet and small pasta was going to be far easier to fit into my little peppers. I also topped them with a bit of mozzarella and parmesan because then needed a bit more something. Not the worst thing I’ve ever made (though I need to think on what that might have been), but not a stand out.


Chorizo tomato salad. My favorite sausage maker started selling a chorizo-style sausage so I had to buy some and make this salad again before the end of tomato season. This time served with whipped feta on the toast instead of goat cheese. It doesn’t translate as well to leftovers, but still an awesome whole-meal salad.

Last Week I Cooked... - Vegetal Matters

Thai-style cabbage slaw. Did you know Laura of The First Mess is writing a cookbook?! It doesn’t come out until 2017 but I’m so excited. When Laura put out a call for recipe testers I actually ran to a computer to email her and was lucky enough to get a handful of recipes to provide feedback on. This is one of them, and it was crunchy, bright, and herbaceous with elements of sweet and sour.

Sticky teriyaki eggplant with herbed coconut cashew rice. While I can’t give out the slaw recipe, this is one Laura already published that is delightful. Along with the slaw it made a great vegetable-packed meal. I don’t have a grill so I broiled the eggplant for 8 minutes on high, flipping halfway through. My one change would be to make more sauce (probably double it) so there is some leftover for drizzling over the cooked eggplant and rice.

Thai slaw and eggplant summer rolls (pictures at top). I was heading out of town for an extra long weekend (which is why my normal Sunday post is on a Tuesday), so no real dinner was planned for Thursday night. I had a serving left of the Thai slaw, plus some more cabbage and a few pieces of the teriyaki eggplant. Summer roll wrappers were tucked away in the cabinet, and peanut sauce was in the freezer (I’ll post that recipe someday, I promise). I added more shredded cabbage to the slaw to stretch it a bit (and the filling would have been too wet otherwise), chopped up the eggplant, and made my rolls with some of the extra basil from the weeks recipes. It morphed scant servings into a way more fun meal.

Last Week I Cooked... - Vegetal Matters

Whipped feta is the cheese obsession du jour around here. This slightly messy but delicious breakfast that has been making regular appearances. A piece of toast slathered with whipped feta, topped with fried tomatoes and a fried egg.


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