Last Week I Cooked….

Tofu bowls with miso tahini sauce. These are a regular occurrence around here. The brown rice, roasted tofu (recipe from Thug Kitchen), and sauce mostly stay the same, and the vegetables change up. This time I used red peppers, snow peas, beet stems and beet greens which I stir fried, and then added in some fresh cucumber at the end. This is a strong contender for my favorite vegan meal.

Last Week I Cooked - Vegetal MattersThai chopped salad with tofu. I was really excited about tofu this week, and I bought perhaps the most gorgeous head of lettuce ever so a salad was in order. This was a new recipe though, and I can see it becoming a summer staple (especially if you have the tofu cooked ahead of time and just throw it all together on a hot night). I especially liked the sour dressing to bring everything together.

Last Week I Cooked - Vegetal MattersBeans and greens with toast and olive oil. I tend to start making this a lot in the summer when I need a quick dinner and have an abundance of greens (so…all the time). I cooked a pound of navy beans in the slow cooker while I was at work, then started the recipe with a sauteed onion and proceeded with the beans and greens addition (collards this time around). I always (always) burn bread crumbs, so I’ve moved to just putting all the anchovy oil on the beans (plus I’m making more portions, 6 total so we have leftovers for lunch), and serving with some additional olive oil for dipping.

Last Week I Cooked - Vegetal MattersPizza with chorizo and kale. I used my favorite pizza dough recipe, topped with pizza sauce, sauteed chorizo, raw and finely chopped kale, and finally cheese. The time in the oven is plenty to cook the kale which doesn’t burn because it is under a cheese blanket (but some of the bits poking through do get nice and crispy.


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